Monday, April 27, 2009

Mix and Match

Several unrelated, but seemingly important observations:

G&T called late this afternoon to tell me about something that had him really bummed out. I could hear in his voice that he was unhappy, so by the time he got around to telling me the "thing" he was upset about it wasn't nearly as bad as the "things" that had already gone through my mind. He still has a job, and his car and his body are both fine. So, feeling relieved that the "thing" wasn't as bad as those "things," I failed to offer appropriate condolences and support for the "thing" that was indeed bad in his view.

I may have blogged about this before, but I learned from company that combines organizational tools with being highly effective to make a Big Rocks list. This is the list of tasks that will make the biggest difference in your project or goal. It's based on an illustration I had seen years before. If you have a glass full of large rocks and sugar or salt and dump it all out, it won't all fit back in the glass if you put the small grains in first. You have to put the big stuff in first. This morning I was able to make a Big Rocks list for the first time in a couple of weeks. I got stuff done today. Inertia begone!

While some of the others who attended BE 2.0 have talked about their re-entry afterwards, I had a crash landing and all good done at the retreat center seemed to vanish with one phone call before I even went to bed the first night. So now I'm going to try and get back that lovin' feelin' by making a list of memories - idea stolen from Zorra.

*Understanding friend who helped me when I started feeling faint - really faint - on very crowded plane. I'm so glad I wasn't alone. All was well - no actual passing out. Friend very gracious.

*Ride in van to retreat center with other BE 1.0 returnees - having great laughs and perplexing driver.

*Laughing until I cried as we read the beginning saga of teh RevGalBlogPals. My sides ache still when I think about it. I haven't laughed that hard in years. I soooo needed that.

*Reconnecting with lovely ladies I met last year, missing those who couldn't return, and making new friends too.

*Helping with a puzzle geocache and noticing the names were spelled differently on the diplomas than on the placards. Tricky, tricky....

*Finding a clay pot that would go perfect in my southwest den, but deciding not to get it as I have other priorities - thanks a lot monetary contentment college!

*Learning about the Hebrew word for womb-love or mother-love that is used many times in the OT. Gave flesh to the few feminine images of God I was aware of in OT.

*Walking in the desert beauty, looking at the scenic mountains around us, and visiting with Zorra - I guess this is now a pattern. Last year we snorkeled and hung out on the beach together.

*Discovering that Abigail whom I have long admired as someone who saw trouble coming and prevented it (my forte) really was a prophet in the way she convinced David it was not in his best interest to kill her husband et al.

*Working with Rev. Dr. Kate to put together the Prayers of the People for closing worship. We learned a lot about each other doing that. We make a great team - my desire for simplicity with her strong liturgical background.

*The.campfire. - I loved this part of the weekend. I love being outdoors if it's not 110 degrees. I grew up camping. I don't spend much time outdoors anymore. G&T who also grew up camping (Eagle Scout) thinks it's too much work. So....getting to tend the fire after it was already built was great fun for me.

*Angelic voices singing Taize songs at an impromptu worship gathering under the stars.

*Closing worship.

*Lunch at airport with old and new friends. Learning a little more about each of them.

*Landing at home without a migraine - much, much better than last year.


mompriest said...

nice...and I love the BIG ROCKS...never heard it before...but will use it!

Songbird said...


Sue said...


I loved the campfire too. And the Taize that followed it.

Korean Cowgirl said...

Can you pick my rocks up for me? I can't lift anything for the next month. :(

Toni Morrison wrote "You your best thing."

DogBlogger said...

Good list. Thanks for the walk down the memory lane of just 10 days ago!

RevDrKate said...

One of my best memories of the BE is the time we spent doing the prayers and having time to catch up on each others' epiphanies of the last year.

zorra said...

Another great memory: the bonfire as it slowly burned down to coals, and watching you tend it.
Wonder where we'll hang out next year?
Word verification: missn.
Missn you and the good people and things you wrote about.

RevAnne said...

I know where the Big Rocks idea is from...
Thanks for your visit...I got the badge for the Breast Cancer Site here:

Deb said...

I'm thinking that one of these years... I simply just have to BE there...

peace in the process...