Thursday, April 23, 2009

Abigail the Woman Prophet

I have long loved the story of Abigail found in I Samuel 25. Abigail sees problems coming and acts before they happen. This is something I find myself doing - a.lot. However, I've always reminded myself that Abigail doesn't seem to lean on God much in her problem solving. This is also something I have to watch in myself.

I found a new view of Abigail as a prophet at the BE 2.0 this year. In addition to correcting her husband's poor judgement in refusing to supply David and his men, she also speaks truth to David. She tells him he must avoid having blood-guilt when he becomes king. She believes that God will make David king, and that David needs to live his life accordingly. I love that David recognizes that God has sent her to him and blesses Abigail for her "good sense."

No major aha's or words of wisdom in this. Just affirmation of my admiration of Abigail and something more positive for the top post on my blog.


Sue said...

I really appreciated your perspective on Abigail at our table group. I kept thinking "there are about a dozen sermons in these passages!"

Thinking of you and missing you already.

mompriest said...

Yes, this was really a wonderful story for us to use...thanks to you!