Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Almost Time!

This evening I will go watch manBoy run at the last track meet of the season. He runs hurdles - it's hard for a mother to watch. This has been a good season in terms of making it all the way to the end still on his feet. If he makes the finals, I'll miss those races tomorrow night. I'll have to get the results by cell phone because...

Tomorrow I leave for BE 2.0! Today I've done most of my packing and visited the blogs of the people I haven't met yet. I'm in the office now, just about to set phone message and email replies to "Not Here" or some other nicer way of saying that.

I have stopped myself from packing work and church related reading material that I could work through while I'm gone. This is, after all, a retreat. How can I retreat from responsibilities if I stick them all in my suitcase and haul them with me? Talk about baggage. I think I'll stop by half price books on my way home and look for a novel.

UPDATE: manBoy did make the finals in one of his events and ran a personal best. So, tomorrow evening, I'll have to get the scoop via phone.

Next post will be post BE 2.0.


ElastiGirl said...

Good for you - I hope it's a completely brain candy novel!! LYMI!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Have a great time!