Saturday, April 04, 2009

Keeping Holy Week Holy

The Friday Five at RevGalBlogPals reminded me that Holy Week is upon us. But MLR, you say, you are clergy! Didn't you know Holy Week is coming? Yes, I did. But since I'm chairing the Hospitality Team, not pastoring my local church, my preparations and activities for Lent have been much about doing and not so much about being. Our church has been focusing on hospitality as a part of our spiritual practices during Lent, and I head the team that has put together the many elements of this focus: Devotional Guide, Hospitality Moments for each service, postcards, flyers, signs, banners, we miss you cards for those we haven't seen in a bit... The list goes on. So when I say I'm surprised that Holy Week is already here, it's because I've been busy doing or arranging for someone else to do.

At small group this morning, two of us talked about the need to keep Holy Week holy in the midst of all our doing. As I read Cheesehead's blog a few minutes ago, I realized one thing I can do is pray for energy and stamina for my clergy friends who are serving in local churches.

You see, I am at the end of three months of non-stop doing and going. I have work to do in the next few months but no urgent deadlines for a while. So, while my friends are still waiting for that time when things slow down, I'm already there. My spiritual discipline this week will be to pray for them.

Instead of putting a list of "big rocks" list (things I need to do that will make the biggest difference) in the weekly bookmark, of my planner, I'm starting a list of my pastor friends for prayers.

So, if you want to be on my prayer list this week, leave a reply. Chances are you are already on there, but remind me just in case.

Lord of All Hope, please be with all of our pastoral leaders as they guide their congregations through the elation of Palm, despair of Passion, and celebration of Easter. Provide for them a personal Easter - resurrect their spirits after this long period of Lent. Amen.


ElastiGirl said...

I would like prayers this week - on top of Holy Week, Mr Incredible is not well... thanks mlr you're truly a minister

Songbird said...

I would appreciate prayers, too, thank you m-lr.