Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Worry Wart

I could use some prayer. My worry button is being overworked this week and I need you to pray that I will be able to pray the prayer of relinquishment.

The last I heard from manBoy he was in town of flight destination in the vehicle with one of the coaches going from the airport to the universtiy they were meeting up with all the runners. I've had no word that he got to neigboring state with mountains where high altitude running camp takes place. I worry about several issues, but mostly I just want to know he got there okay.

I know that my worries are exacerbated by the gazillion of dollars we are about to spend to replace our entire AC unit ducts and all, and by the fact that we are living in a small part of our house and in a lot of noise (Window units are loud). Being an auditory learner, constant noise is exhausting for me.

In the meantime, my sister who lives just 25 miles north of Galveston has evacuated with her two daughters and her dog to my Mom's house. I haven't checked the trajectory on Edouard this morning. Her husband is still down there. We also need to keep Quotidian Grace and Zorro in our prayers for this event.

My prayers have been of the frantic nature, not the faithful trusting kind. So if you guys could send up some prayers for peace for me and for safety for my family, I would really appreciate it.


DogBlogger said...

QG just posted a "Never Mind..." to let us know it missed them. Fewer worries there!

Mary Beth said...

Hang in there, mama. He's fine...just hasn't let you know that yet.

mid-life rookie said...

Okay, I know that if he hadn't shown up at the University, I would have heard from the head coach who I talked to on the phone while he was in flight would have called me. The scariest part of all of this for me was the being picked up by a stranger at the airport. The delayed flight meant it wasn't the person with the group of kids in tow with a sign that said Running Camp, but a lone guy wearing a University T-shirt and enough knowledge of the camp to be able to converse about it. So, my brain knows he got on the bus and got to neighboring state, but man it would have been nice to hear that from him!
My sister's house is getting lots and lots of rain, but the bulk of the storm went east of them.
Thanks for praying. It was nice to go to worship rather than lead worship here at the office this morning.