Monday, August 04, 2008

Up Up and Away

Well, I had hoped for something deeper and more inspiring than potty humor for my 150th post, but that is not to be. Perhaps I'll be 12 today.
manBoy flew out to running camp this morning. It's the first time he's flown alone and I was nervous, more about the fact that he was being met at the other end by someone we've never met.

The announcements for his flight went like this.
Boarding for flight xxxx will be delayed. We have maintenance crew aboard the aircraft. (Not comforting).

15 minutes later: Boarding for flight xxxx has be moved to gate y and will be delayed. We have maintenance aboard this aircraft. Please listen for further anouncements. (Inconvenient and still not comforting.)

15 minutes later: Attention passengers on flight xxxx, the lavatory on this aircraft is not functioning. Please use airport facilities before you board.(Well at least we hope that's the only maintenace issue.)

Finally: Boarding for xxxx at gate y has begun. We will board all groups at once due to the delay. Flight left 40 minutes after scheduled departure.

Fortunately, it's only a 1 hour flight. He met the right person and camp adventure has begun.


DogBlogger said...

Without a working airplane lavatory, "Are we there yet?" takes on a whole different sense of urgency.

Yes, thank heaven it was only an hour flight.

Happy 150th post!

God_Guurrlll said...

I love potty humor. But then again I am twelve.

Congrats on the 150th post.

Peace and love,