Friday, August 15, 2008

Reflection on Life

Yesterday, I served as facilitator for a seminar. I didn't present, but did all the background work. This was the 6th time we've held this seminar. In it, the presenter tells the story of Elisha's followers building a new place to gather. (2 Kings 6:1-7) In the process, the iron axe head falls off the axe and into the water. The man cries out, "Oh, my Lord." The presenter encouraged each pastor to think seriously about what in their ministry would cause them to cry out "Oh, my Lord" if it was lost or missing from their church. Later in the day, the presenter invited 3 people to come forward and help with an example of hospitality. One of the men who came forward was cutting up and being funny behind the presenter's back (these two know each other from years in the same conference). When the presenter stopped and looked back at the man, his comment as he grinned was, "One of my iron axe head words is Fun."

This morning, I received an email saying that the man who thought fun is an important aspect of life and ministry died suddenly last night. I didn't know this man. I heard the band he plays in several times, but other than meeting him yesterday, I didn't know him. What I do know about him is his last day on earth included fun and learning how to better lead his church because those things were important to him.

If today was my last day, would it include what is important to me? It will now!

Added later: I posted a comment about this on the band's blog. His wife responded with the following:

"You are so right. On his study door he once had a sign that read "Playground Director" because that way everyone there would know that he was in charge of all the fun."


Mary Beth said...

Oh, MLR! I came over here to thank you for the giggle about using bowdarks in flower arrangements and found this. No wonder you are reflective.

This is BEAUTIFUL. I am sorry for the shock I know you and others are feeling. I am grateful for your sharing it.

DogBlogger said...

He did indeed understand the importance of Fun. What a guy.

zorra said...

I wish I could have known him. I know that to say "he will be missed" is an understatement.

Patsy said...

Oh, MLR, you gripped my heart today. As we prepare to travel home with our 3 kids after 10 days on the road doing ministry, I am reminded that every day is important, even the travel days, and that the most important word of all is FUN. May this travel day be just that -- fun. Love you, my friend.

Marie said...

Wow! Great reflection. It's all a choice, isn't it? And he chose fun. Hurrah.