Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Worry Update

manBoy called. He doesn't have cell service out at camp but they had come into town. I had managed to get more peaceful until his call. The sad news is he has hurt his ankle. Please pray for speedy recovery so he can get a little running in at running camp! Thanks to all of you.

I got to talk to him again while they were still in town. He says when he first hurt it, he could only walk on his toes. Now he can walk on his whole foot with some pain. I think getting better is a good sign. If it was serious, it would be getting worse. He says the terrain is much rougher than he's used to running on. He actually hurt it going across camp, not on a run. I told him to ask if they could stop at a pharmacy so he can buy ankle braces.
Thanks for holding my hand even if it is in cyberspace.

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St. Casserole said...

Sorry he hurt his ankle! I've received calls like this then raced off miles and miles to bring my boy home.

Thinking of you all.