Saturday, August 02, 2008

Checking in with statistics

-Number of totally dead air conditioner units - 1.
-Number of people sleeping in oven like temps last night - 3
-High temperature on back patio thermometer 111.
-High temperature on interior thermostat 94.
-Number of window AC units purchased and installed so we can live in 1/3 of our house for the next 5 days until new AC unit installed - 2.
-Degrees cooler in cooled rooms - many but not measurable at this time.
-Number of musical instruments hauled to neighbor's house for cool keeping - 8
-Record time for sprinting through hot section between cooled areas - 2 seconds
-Number of prayers of gratitude that we have the ability to find a temporary solution - many but probably not enough.
-Prayers lifted for those suffering in heat without AC many. Window units will be donated as soon as new AC is installed.
-Number of posts to get to 150 - 1


DogBlogger said...

*fanning you with the funeral home fan from my hymnal rack*

ElastiGirl said...

we have an extra room if you wanna come sleep in a/c - the manchild could bunk in one of the boyz rooms - we did this earlier in the summer -

Rev.Dulce said...

Have you noticed that the A/C goes out when it is a heat wave outside. Never when its just warm. Nope, only when it feels like Hades outside.