Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Future is Here

I am NOT ready to be the mother of a high school student. I know it's coming, but this is JUST January. Why are we talking to high school counselors now? Why do course selections that will affect the next four years have to be decided on in less than a week's time? Why do we have to think about this when we don't even know where we will be living when school starts next year?

We went to the High School Expo to learn about electives and guess what? manBoy wants to do everything! Decisions are so hard.

On another note, G&T has found some training he would dearly love to take. The question is how to pay for it and pay the bills.

Okay, I know I'm whining, but I just want to whine a little. A person can only take so much emotional change without a brief outburst every now and then.

Oh Lord, there are so many decisions facing us. Guide our hearts and minds. Lead us in your will. Show us where and how we can be your servants. Bless us with the peace of your spirit. Amen.


DogBlogger said...

Whining can help, in its own way.

G&T played his customary tag at the end of the prayer song at practice tonight, then reminded me you have a "tag" of sorts, too:

"Dear God, thank you for loving us..."

net said...

Go ahead and get it all out! I'm listening (and praying!

revabi said...

Praying for you too as you go through the many changes you are going through. A teenager. Awesome, awesome responsibility, challenges and costs. Yep more money going out.
Praying for you.

Deb said...

It is hard to make these "four year decisions" half way through a school year. We just did the same with Harpy Girl (who will still be Harping, happily...) and are about to do the same with Reedy Girl...

Wisdom and discernment in the journey!