Monday, March 23, 2009

Heart to Heart Questions 1

On Valentines I picked up a deck of cards that are not playing cards. They are called Heart to Heart Conversation Starters. The three of us used them for our Valentine's dinner and learned something about each other. I pulled them out again for dinner tonight and thought they would make good blog fodder. So here are tonight's questions with my answers. What are your answers?

1. Who is the last person you helped? Explain.
Life-long friend - see link for explanation

2. We turned the question around and asked, who is the last person who helped you? This was much harder, because as manBoy put it, "People think I don't need any help." It seems all three of us like to help, but not so good at showing when we need help. My answer was when Gifted and Talented took me to the store on Saturday to do a return I was dreading.

So tell me about your helping and being helped.


jnors said...

manBoy and I are on the same page. It's the Martha thing for me, I think. I'm so busy helping that I don't make the time to help myself. Nor do I make it easy for others to help me. hmmm.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That is interesting! People tend not to help me cause I look like I have it all together and they think I am just fine!

I love helping other people. I feel like I get blessed out of it.

I guess that means I am stopping someone else from getting the blessing huh? ouch!

next question please....

Anonymous said...

Last person who helped me, Midlife Rookie. :-)

Last person I helped -- it's all a blur. They run together. As you so aptly put it, my life revolves around that.

Lifelong Friend