Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So far in my time off I have -
1. Gone to the office for a predetermined amount of time to tie up loose ends and email myself business expense information I need for my own taxes. I left at the deadline I had set, so I'm proud of that.
2. Visited with pastor of my local church and set some boundaries. Another good thing.

3. Gone to the library and checked out 4 novels.

4. Gone to the phone store to determine possibility of changing to a phone from my office. This was not all good as I got really mad when they couldn't talk to me as my husband's name was the only one on the account. I let them know how sexist it was for me to have done all of the dealing and negotiating and them to only put his name on the account.

5. Sat in big comfy chair and read 1/2 novel.

6. Facilitated productive hospitality team meeting at home church. Lenten hospitality focus coming along well.

7.Gone to the Y and done both cardio and strength training. Walked leisurely around grounds of Y enjoying beautiful weather and birds singing.

8.Moved my haircut appointment from Friday (trying to stretch them out for $ sake) to today because this week is about rejuvination and getting my mop cut would go a long way toward that.

9. Had my haircut. I love having my hair washed and head massaged. Since I can't afford a massage this week, this was the next best thing.

10. Filled car with gas and bought a few groceries.

For the rest of today:
Sit in big comfy chair or in backyard swing and read more of the novel.
Plan Disciple Bible Study Lesson for tonight.
Lead Disciple Bible Study.
Stay up really late finishing novel or starting a new one just because I can!

Lord, I thank you for the joyful moments of sabbath and for the productivity of the moments that weren't. Amen.


DogBlogger said...

Ahhh, nice. Glad you're getting so much reading-for-pleasure in on your sabbath week!

bythesea said...

Wow, you got a lot covered! Maybe I need to channel you. :)