Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Decisions and Enthusiasm

Last night we went to an invitation only meeting about a PSAT and SAT preparation course. Seems manBoy has potential- but we already knew that. The decision is do we spend the big bucks for this course in hopes of increasing scholarship offers? The answer is probably, but we had to think about it harder than we would have a few weeks ago before we started Money Contentment College.

I met with my DS yesterday and told him all about my Epiphany and how I'm excited about my current position and the opportunities for ministry I see there. He was pleased. Since church appointments are fewer than people to be appointed, I imagine everyone - my boss (who is assistant to the Bishop), the Bishop, and my DS will be happy to leave me right where I am. I just hope God is on the same page as the rest of us. Now that I've really come to terms with what I'm doing in the conference office and why, it would be nice if God doesn't throw in yet another change.

I'm going to Nashville at the end of the month and observe a program I really want to bring to my conference. I also get to hang out with someone I met in January who contributed greatly to the Epiphany and get introduced to other people who can help me fulfill my vision for helping churches be more effective in making disciples.

Well I must go cook 2 more pounds of sausage for a Teacher Breakfast at manBoy's school tomorrow. Cook tonight, heat in morning, take in crockpot. No more stalling by writing trivial blog posts.


DogBlogger said...

Good to hear the meeting w/DS went well. (Did you hear about the big high-profile move? Call me tomorrow.)

Kathrynzj said...

Not too trivial. Thanks for sharing.