Monday, January 28, 2008

Still Sick

Friday evening, things went downhill - way down. Fever went up, congestion dropped into chest and turned green. Called doctor on Saturday am. Got same antibiotic G&T and manBoy had been on for three days.

I didn't make the Disability Concerns Committee meeting for neighboring conferecence on Saturday. I didn't drive to town of small church for preaching. Someone down there covered, thank goodness. I didn't get to take my mom shopping for her cool birthday present.

Today I am better, but a long way from well. I still have lots of stuff in my chest. It takes a lot of energy to do anything. I'm working from home, doing as much as I can. I have forms to fill out for Board of Ordained Ministry. They are due Friday. Tomorrow I have to go to jury duty. I could postpone it, but I would be called again in the next two months. I'm hoping to be a little busy with a new appointment in the next two months.

I am definitely battling the demon of discouragement today. Not to mention holding my own little pity party. Well, it seems like I need to build a bridge and get over this.

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DogBlogger said...

Sorry this has you down, both physically and otherwise. I'm sure you're on the way to feeling much better soon!