Sunday, January 13, 2008

Better Sunday

Well things went a little better with the drive 200 miles, sleep, preach, drive 200 miles gig this weekend. I went to Sunday School at Little Church this morning. The discussion was sooo interesting in that my sermon was going to address so many of the comments that were made. These people needed to hear that God loves them and they can't earn their salvation!

I preached on Romans 8:31-39 and called it "Ain't No Mountain." Over and over again, we can't keep God from loving us. We can just keep ourselves from experiencing that love. Then I transitioned to Remembrance of Baptism - beloved children of God.... We had a time when everyone was invited to come forward to the water to remember their Baptism in their own way. It went over really well which is mildly surprising since it was a totally new concept for them.

I'm not nearly as exhausted as last week. manBoy and G&T will be home from Youth and Band practice soon, so I will leave you and cook dinner for them.

Lord God, Thank you for safe travels, for the opportunity to share your glorious love with others, and for the reminders of just how much you gift us daily. Amen.


DogBlogger said...

Glad it all went well. I find myself basking in your thankfulness!

Rev SS said...

Sounds like a wonderful, timely, service.

Thanks for stopping by my blog ... my comment that we share experiences had to do with some of your blogs about ordination and ministry as opposed to the b'day items -:)

Rev. Dulce said...

I knew you would preach an awesome sermon.