Saturday, January 12, 2008

Small Graces

I was listening today to a song called Small Graces by Bob Bennett. It occurs to me that I've had a few of my own small glimpses of God's grace lately.

Pastor K hosted a wig and hat party in celebration of hair loss through chemo. We watched a video of her getting her hair cut really, really short the day it began to fall out. She stood up to it well, but had a grief episode that evening (normal and healthy). Please keep her in your prayers.

I follow the Caring Bridge reports for Little D. His story and his family's faith and strength are inspiration and blessing to me.

My sermon is typed and printed before 10 pm.

Did I mention G&T took the amp back?

Oh God, please help me see your small graces all around me. Pour your Spirit in, over and through me as I speak tomorrow. Let my words be your messengers. Amen.

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