Friday, August 20, 2010

Facing 50

I was thinking today as I drove away from my hairdresser's after getting last week's cut modernized, "I think I'm ready to face 50." I've got my little red car with a sunroof, my cool iPhone with the little red case, and a cute, modern (slightly defrumping) haircut.

Then I began to think a little deeper. I wondered why a car, a phone and a haircut seem important to me for facing 50. To me they are all the "right"signs that I'm NOT.THAT.OLD.

The hairdresser asked me how I felt about turning 50. I don't feel "that old." First I just dont' have time to think about, much less actually have, a birthday next week, so it really hasn't sunk in. Second, since I'm doing something brand new - again - I don't feel like I've been doing the old same thing for a long time. Most of the time I feel incredibly inexperienced so therefore, not at all old. If I was old, I might have some wisdom. If I was old, I might have a clue what I'm doing  or what I should be doing more than half the time.

So I decided to reconsider what makes me ready to face 50. In general - Life.Is.Good. I'm doing what I pictured myself doing 8 years ago when I left teaching and headed to seminary; pastoring a lovely little church where I've found folks to love and who love me. I've got a great husband and a great kid and lots of family and friends who love me. These are the things that make facing 50 okay. But the zippy red car with the sunroof, the cool iPhone with a red case, and a good haircut are all icing on the cake!

P.S Yes the new blog look is also part of facing 50. Trying for a nautical look. Wishing I was on a beach or a boat somewhere pretty. ;-)


kathrynzj said...

The boat reminds me of when I got to meet you. Turning 50 - ftw!

zorra said...
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zorra said...

On a catamaran, perhaps?

50 is fine. You'll see. Especially since you're still having new adventures!

Mompriest said...

and have you posted a picture of you and that fabulous new do?

I turned 50 three and half years ago, and started blogging in prep for that birthday. I have to say that so far being 50 has been really horrible - but I am by far the exception - most people really like being in their 50' will you I'm sure! Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

50 looks good on you, sista!!

Rev SS said...

Life begins at 50! (that's when I entered seminary) I loved my 50's. and 60's aren't bad either ... enjoy!