Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Five - Memories

RevGalBlogPal meme for the day is Memories. This is particularly appropriate since I attended a meeting for parents of high school seniors last night. The meeting was about the memories the kids will make this year at homecoming, prom, senior parent night, senior trip, and graduation. But, it brought back many memories for me. It seems like only yesterday that we brought our little bundle of joy home with less than 24 hours notice. How can he possibly be a senior already?

In the meantime here are my meme answers:
1. Memory from childhood - camping trips: some in our state and some beyond, hot, cold, desert, mountain, tent, pop-up trailer, family, Girl Scouts - one that stands out is camping on the side of a mountain using a large rock with a flat top as our table. I still don't know what kept our tent from rolling down the hill with us in it!

2. Teenage Memory - recently reminisced about my group of friends in high school. We were called "The Grapevine." (Something to do with kissing and telling.) Even though we weren't in any way an official group, we all had t-shirts that said "Grapevine" on one side and "Great in '78" on the other. I still have pictures. Saw most of these friends a couple of years ago at our reunion.

3. Young Adult Memory - Which one to pick? Our wedding - was just barely not a teenager any more or bringing Manboy home - barely still considered young adult by then. Both were blessed days. We met Manboy's birth parents on a Sunday night at the hospital the day after he was born. We gathered on Monday for a placement ceremony in the hospital chapel. Pastors from both families were there. We prayed. G&T sang. Manboy's birthmother placed him in my arms. I will never forget my joy and my pain for her.

4.Memory from this Summer - Again, which to pick. Ordination on June 7th was awesome and awe inspiring. Triumphant music. Family gathered. Vows. Hands on head. Done at last!
Pie in the face at the end of VBS because the kids exceeded my number challenge by 5 was exciting and not too gross.

5. A memory I hope to have - working today on planning a getaway to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in October. I'm not gonna link to the place just yet because I'm waiting for G&T to check his email and approve. I don't want you snatching the room right out from under me!

Since I was 16 when G&T and I started dating, and since this is one of the first songs I heard him play and sing - here's my bonus song:


Robin said...

Hope you get your dream anniversary trip!

RevSharon said...

Ordination is awesome! Thanks for that memory jogger. Camping is, too.

Joan Calvin said...

A dream anniversary! I hope it will be wonderful

mid-life rookie said...

We had to move the date of the trip, but I found a place that has jacuzzi tub and a balcony with rocking chairs that overlooks the lake within driving distance. The colors should be pretty in October. We may take Manboy and go a couple of days early to look at Hendrix College, then fly him home and have some time to ourselves.