Saturday, August 07, 2010

Happy Belated 4th Blog Birthday

Just over four years ago, I blogged this. It seems not much has changed. I am once again in a new beginning and about half the time I feel like I have no idea what I should be doing. I'll have another birthday in a few days. One that AARP recognizes. I still feel like I'm in mid-life, and once again, I'm a rookie. I do sometimes long for the days when I was established in my career, and had a pretty good handle on what I should be doing. I'm not longing to go back to that carreer, just that state of comfort. This week's lectionary and sermonizing has certainly reminded me who I should be leaning on and trusting, and it'

At ordination, I was gifted with A Guide to Prayer for All God's People by Rueben P. Job and Norman Shawchuck and it has been my devotion source for the summer. The prayer for this week is oh, so appropriate:

Almighty God, who always moves with clarity of will and singleness of purpose, help me to live and work with certainty in an uncertain world. Light a lamp before me so that my feet do not stumble. Make my path clear so I may never wander from your chosen way. I pray in the name of Jesus who comes to make your way clear before our eyes. Amen.


jnors said...

Thank you for that prayer, Friend.
I am starting a new and scary volunteer commitment, and I believe I am doing it for good reason--but it still freaks me out to consider the good or the damage I could do.
Praying for good and peace for both of us. Change is hard, as my kids say. But, we are being molded by hands that are not our own.

Jan said...

Congratulations! I liked reading this because I started blogging four years also--but I started in May, due to my RevGal friend Katherine.