Thursday, April 03, 2008

It is over!

I made it through the interview that would deterimine if I continue into year 2 of my residency. For you non-United Methodists and average people, residency is probationary clergy status. Clergy but not yet ordained. At this time it lasts 3 years. Some people including DogBlogger are working to shorten it via General Conference.

At any rate, I have been approved to go on to the next year. This is really good news, as they could easily have said that my temporary appointments.... did not give me the growth I needed in year one. Or worse, that I simply hadn't grown this year.

I have recommendations for growth. Anyone know of a couple of men from my home church who could come to my Lay Committee Meetings during weekdays and would push me to grow? I have to learn in a year how to articulate how I am called to be an Elder in my current position which is not in a church.

I also have to get better at articulating answers to theological questions on the fly. I'm okay when I can think and write. Not so good "on my feet." Vicar of Hogsmeade gave me some good ideas for using my teaching background to get better at this. She suggested that as I go through my day, I consider how I would use various objects I encounter in children's sermons. Now, I did children's sermons for 5 years. This I can do. Thanks for the tip.

I need to go to bed, so Good Night Gracie.

Oh, but one more thing - I made 2 miles on the Elyptical Trainer tonight. I've been adding 1/2 mile to my total movement each week. I've been mixing walking with using the cardio machines. Tonight, I only had to walk 1/2 mile because I made 2 whole miles on the machine! See what a little line dancing will do for ya!


RevHRod said...

If anyone wants to know- they should speed you through this process NOW! Your post on my blog made me want to cry all over again. And in a good way. Thank you for hearing me and helping me see with my heart what my head already knew. You were/are such a blessing to me!

April said...

Congrats! I'm so happy it went well for you!

DogBlogger said...


Glad you're past the meeting and that you have firm goals going forward.

Just a few weeks before we see what can be done about those pesky three years!

Ruby said...

Vicar of Hogsmeade is so right on. You have amazing insight.
As a person in the pew, here's my advice on preaching --
1. write a children's sermon
2. re-draft using bigger words
3. preach it to the adults