Friday, September 14, 2007


and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

For pretty much the whole summer, and definitely for the last month, I've been waiting to hear about an appointment (where I will be sent to serve in the United Methodist Church). Since August 31, I have been told 4 different times that I would hear the news I'm waiting for in the next day or two. Still no news. The latest of these was this past Monday when I was told it would be the end of this week before the District Superintendent could tell me anything. I want off this roller coaster! Today is Friday, the end of the week. The DS doesn't work on most Fridays. I am determined that I will not, as I have several times in the last few weeks, spend the day waiting for the phone to ring. Honestly, I've been like a girl waiting for the guy to call after the first date. I promise I'm not going to do that anymore. Really. No, really. Do you believe me?


DogBlogger said...

I believe you.

(But I and several others have taken your waiting onto ourselves!)

Rev. Dulce said...

Waiting sucks and it doesn't matter what the form is. I hate people who are late and make you wait. I hate waiting for good news. And I really hate waiting for news and it turns out bad.

I feel your pain but I truly believe that it will work out for you. You are the best and will bloom wherever you are planted. Just think of this as the fertilizer portion of a good garden.