Thursday, September 06, 2007


The last day of CPE fell on my birthday. It was a few days ago. My son manBoy gave up his last day off from school to come with me for the graduation worship and lunch. He listened - really listened - to what was said at the graduation. He has already used a poem that was read during the service for one of his school assignments. When we got home that afternoon, he disappeared into his room for a while. When he returned he handed me a handwritten page. This is what he said.

A Birthday Poem

Another year come and gone
Another year well spent
A year filled with joy
But not without its share of concerns

CPE residency
A year spent learning
A year spent teaching
Most importantly a year spent growing

This is your day.
Your day.
I hope it has been a good one,
It's going to have to last until next year.

I am blessed.

I worked a few more days to cover on-call shifts while the new residents where trained. My last shift ended at 11:00 last night. I walked out leaving my badge, keys, and pager behind. For a whole year they lived in a cubby hole in my car when they weren't attached to my person. Somehow this made an invisible connection between the hospital and me even when I wasn't there. I have a new sense of freedom now that they are no longer with me.

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