Monday, August 28, 2006

First Day Ramblings

First a joy, my mother reports she is feeling better than she has in several months. Perhaps at last her medications are balanced.

Today I began Orientation for CPE. It was a long day of instructions about events and activities that we haven't seen yet, so it is a little hard to imagine as they are discussed. I just hope I can remember some of what was said when I get to the "real thing."

The first lesson for me is just sitting back and letting what happens next happen. We are given the agenda only for that day. I went this morning knowing only that I should be there by 8:00. Tomorrow is the same. I know when and where to go, but nothing about what the day holds. As a linear thinking, control freak, planner living this way is definitely a challenge. However, I managed to finish the day with out a tension headache from worrying about what is next. So, I'll just keep trusting that the powers that be will tell me what I need to know when I need to know it for the next few days.

On another note, manBoy is practicing his trombone but having to stop every few bars to cough. It sounds like Gifted and Talented will have to take off work and take him to the doctor in the next couple of days. Doesn't it figure that after I had a whole summer off, he gets sick on the first day I go back to work.

Loving God,
Open my eyes, ears, heart, and mind to the lessons that are coming to me in so many ways, shapes, and sizes. Let your love shine through me.


DogBlogger said...

So, I take it they haven't yet told you if you're on duty this Saturday.

Glad it went okay! The not-anticipating bit sounds oddly like an Emmaus Walk...

And I hope mB feels better soon!

Songbird said...

CPE is tough but good. Look for ways to celebrate life in your off hours!