Friday, December 30, 2011

Nearly New Year Friday Five

Over at RevGalBlogPals Sally asks us for two fives lists:
Five blessings from 2011
Five hopes for the New Year

This will be a great exercise for me as I've been struggling both with seeing the blessings through the fog and with looking forward to anything. See post below. But today is a day of hope, so here goes.

Blessings from 2011.
1. Manboy graduated from high school with many awards and honors. His was the first class to graduate from the new High School in town. The school focuses on project based learning and has a strong culture of community service. Each of the graduates wore TOMS shoes along with their cap and gown. The ceremony was awesome with slideshows and speakers that really let our family know what a unique opportunity this had been for him. Most of our family including Manboy's birthmother gathered for graduation. It was a blessing to have so many of them here at once.

2.Manboy went off to a college that supports the values established in his high school years and gives him many opportunities to explore the man God is leading him to be and the field of study he wants to pusue.

3. Watching my church move from survival mode to truly looking to the future and seeking to be in ministry. This has been such a blessing for me. God is doing great things through great people here.

4. The joy of participating in Elastigirl's ordination and hanging out with some of the RevGals just a few weeks ago.

5. My loving husband, Gifted and Talented who stands by me even when I can't see any of the blessings around me.

Hopes for 2012
1. The return of joy to my daily life rather than rare glimpses.

2. Joining my congregation in developing a long term vision and living out our mission.

3. BE 5.0 - Looking forward to fun on the high seas.

4. Making/Taking time with G&T for some re-creation.

5. Let's let this be a mystery and see what God has in store.


Elaine (aka...Purple) said...

What an awesome school experience for Man-boy. Wish I was B.E. 5'ing...maybe next year.

Joan Calvin said...

So glad your congregation is moving ahead, looking to the future.

Sally said...

prayers for #1 on the 2012 list to come to fruition!

Anonymous said...

What you put for #1 under hopes is a lot like what I was thinking of, but didn't end up using on my list. Prayers are with you.

Terri said...

So awesome to know that your life has playedbout this way.

RevDrKate said...

It was so great to have time to spend with you, G and T and the RevGals. Lovely lists both. Prayers that your hopes are realized.