Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Five: Not So Holiday Spirit Version

Parishioners pushing for carols before you digested your turkey?
Organist refusing to play Advent hymns because he/she already has them planned for Lessons & Carols?

Find yourself reading Luke and thinking of a variety of ways to tell Linus where to stick it? (Lights please.)

Then this quick and easy Friday Five is for you! And for those of you with a more positive attitude, have no fear. I am sure more sacred and reverent Friday Fives will follow.

Please tell us your least favorite/most annoying seasonal....
1) dessert/cookie/family food -
Cranberry Sauce

2) beverage (seasonal beer, eggnog w/ way too much egg and not enough nog, etc...) - Red Wine

3) tradition (church, family, other) -
traveling to three different houses in two towns to see three different sets of parents - we stopped that after a few years.

4) decoration - blow up nativity scenes in front yards and anything put up before Thanksgiving.

5) gift (received or given) - money - the kids want it but it seems like such a cop out.

BONUS: SONG/CD that makes you want to tell the elves where to stick it. Okay the first five were hard, but this one's easy "Christmas Shoes." How sappy can you get? I turn off the radio whenever it comes on.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Five: Think About These Things Edition

Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. (Philippians 4:8, NRSV)

From RevGalBlogPals, Songbird writes:

Friends, it's nearly Thanksgiving in the U.S. and it's the time of year when we are pressed to name things for which we are thankful. I want to offer a twist on the usual lists and use Paul's letter to the church at Philippi as a model. Name five things that are true, honorable, just, pure, pleasing, commendable, excellent or worthy of praise. These could be people, organizations, acts, ideas, works of art, pieces of music--whatever comes to mind for you.

1. Pure - This precious little boy who is the picture of innocence and going through rough times.

2. Pleasing - Our plan to spend the weekend recreating (re-creating) with good friends. Including Terri Hendrix concert and guitar gathering celebrating G&T's birthday. I won't say which one, but it ends in 0.

3. True - God's goodness even when we don't see it. My temporary assignment has turned out to be just what I needed to be doing - just what needed to be done. The great response shows me that I am doing what God calls me to do for now.

4. Commendable - My family for sticking with me over all the ups and downs for the last 5 years on this journey toward ministry.

5. Worthy of Praise - God the creator, Jesus the Savior, Spirit the Advocate

Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Five: Interviews

Mother Laura at RevGalBlogPals writes:
Songbird just had an interview for a "vague and interesting" possibility, and More Cows than People is doing campus visits for doctoral programs. There always seem to be a few RevGals applying for new positions, and I just got my first call for this year's preliminary interviews for college teaching jobs at the American Academy of Religion meeting in San Diego coming up in a few weeks. It's for my dream job among this year's offerings, and I am flipflopping between excitement and nervousness. So please keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for everyone facing such conversations, and share your thoughts on the wonderful world of interviews:
1. What was the most memorable interview you ever had?
That would have to be the interviews for commissioning in my denomination. Three separate interviews with groups of 10-15 people. It was daunting! Fortunately, I had good prayer support and a friend that went with me (this was encouraged). The Typist at The Best Dog Ever made a great power point that played back at my home church while people gathered to pray. It worked. I passed!

I recently interviewed for a Hospice Chaplain position. I had a migraine earlier in the day. When I went to get my prescription refilled, the pharmacy was out of the medicine! I was not. a. happy. camper. I had them call the prescription to a store across the street. Each minute that passed was one less minute I had to get to feeling better before the interview. It takes a while for the meds to kick in. I was better, but not great by the interview time.

2. Have you ever been the interviewer rather than the interviewee? If so, are you a tiger, a creampuff, or somewhere in between?
I think I'm more tigger (t-i-double guh-er) than tiger. I get enthusiasitic when I meet someone I think would be good in a position.

3. Do phone interviews make you more or less nervous than in-person ones?
I don't recall any phone interviews. I think it would be hard not to be able to see the other person's face and body language.

4. What was the best advice you ever got to prepare for an interview? How about the worst?
Apparently I don't listen to advice, because I can't tell you who said what and whether or not is was good or bad. I know people have offered advice, but I just don't remember what they said.

5. Do you have any pre-interview rituals that give you confidence?
Just take a deep breath, put it in God's hands and double check to make sure my skirt isn't tucked up into the top of my panty hose. Oh, and music. Listening to good music on the way or just before.