Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. It was my birthday and lots of good things happened . Many were totally unrelated to my birthday, but made it a great day.

First I got a hilarious e-card from my sister in law showing Moses parting the waters. In the waters on one side of the break are three fish with big mouths and teeth chomping. On the other side of the break is a little fish named Harvey who is sticking out his tongue (do fish have tongues?) and mocking the fish who would have eaten him. The caption is "Harvey catches a lucky break. Hope your day is filled with unexpected blessings." It was!

Next, I was bemoaning with an experience pastor that I didn't feel good about my sermon that was video taped on Sunday to send to the Board of Ordained Ministry. I felt is was too head based and not enough heartfelt. She happened to have heard the other sermon I will be sending and felt showing both sides of my preaching might be a good thing. It may simply be justification, but I felt better anyway.

I got a long voicemail message that ended with appreciation for aforementioned sermon, and especially some of the teaching I had done in it. (Smile)

I received a thank you note signed by a whole Sunday School class for the materials they had checked out of the Conference Resource Center and used over the summer. I've worked for the last 9 months to get the Resource Center better organized and more user friendly, with more current material. This was wonderful affirmation. (Smile)

I received The Porpoise Given Life in the mail from the author's wife whom I met at a leadership incubator last week. She didn't plan it as a birthday gift, but it was nice that it arrived that day. I'm looking forward to spending more time with her as we incubate in the coming months. (Smile)

I had several calls and cards with birthday wishes through out the day including cupcakes at work. (Smile)

I had dinner with my husband and son - something that will happen less often now that manBoy is taking a dual credit class at the local Community College one evening a week, and working part time. They gave me a new Terri Hendrix CD and a crockpot cookbook to go with the crockpot I got a couple of weeks ago when the 30 year old one bit the dust. (Smile)

I joined facebook. If you know my real name, feel free to friend me.

We ended the evening with birthday pie - Key Lime to be exact - much better than cake. (Big Smile)

Now, on the morning after, I'm beginning to think my "age-fighting moisturizer" might be loosing the battle. (Smile, oops then the lines show!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spiritual Junk Food

Last week, I had the opportunity to worship here. The scripture reading was the "Bread of Life" passage from John 6. Rather than hearing a sermon, we were asked to reflect on the passage on our own. Here's where my thoughts went:

Lately, I've been working with my doctor or healthier living habits. One of these includes switching foods that are high in nutritional value for those that are high in fat or are simply empty calories with little value for nourishing my body.

So, given this passage about what real nourishment is, I asked myself, "Self, what spiritual junk food have you been taking in of late?" Where have you been seeking nourishment or refreshment where there was none to be found? Good.question. Frantic prayers of distress (see previous post), rather than faith perhaps? They serve their purpose, but they are not the "protein" I crave or the "fiber" I need.

On the flip side, where have I found true spiritual nourishment of late? In the study I'm doing for sermon writing, ordination writing, and preparation for Leadership Incubator (more later). In the new friends and colleagues in ministry I met last week at the LI. In one particular new friend with whom I spent a lovely afternoon exchanging spiritual journey history and exploring our surroundings.

So my question to you which you may answer in the comments or just in your heart is: What kind of spiritual food have you been consuming lately? Junk or the stuff of high nutritional value?

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Coping, Dealing, Gratitude, and Healing

It's been an interesting two weeks - that's the best word I can come up with.

Last week, the one that began when it was still July, started off with a minor concern. manBoy had a bit of a sore throat. Here's how it went from there:

Tuesday morning: Trip to pediatrician for minor sore throat ends with manBoy having fainting spell or neurological event that scared the ...... out of his mother (me). Of course the doctor had just left the room and it was over by the time she took the 10 steps back in response to my cry for help.

Tuesday afternoon: As a result of morning event, make trip into big city for pediatric cardiology work up that showed manBoy's heart to be perfectly healthy.

Tuesday evening: Jake the dog is whimpering and welping in pain and we cannot find the source.
Wednesday morning: Take Jake the dog to the vet.

Wednesday morning continued: Take manBoy to podiatrist for foot concern that involves a certain amount of digging around in his heel.

Wednesday noon: Meet with residency group to discuss Ministry Project that is new, last minute requirement for ordination.

Wednesday afternoon: Take manBoy to dentist for small filling.

Wednesday afternoon: Jake the dog comes home from vet with pain meds and instruction for 2 weeks of limited mobility due to possible slipped disc in neck meaning he is for now an inside dog with much more maintenance.

Thursday morning: Jake the dog is already feeling better and is whining to get out much to my aggravation. It will be a long 2 weeks. Daily Guidepost devotional for the day - being irritated with the dog and how God loves us even when we are irritating. Thanks.a.bunch.

Thursday morning continued: Deliver manBoy to PSAT/SAT prep class as heel hurts too much to propel himself there on foot or bike. Run into the office to pick up work to do at home. Pick manBoy up from class.

Thursday afternoon: Attempt to work at home, only to discover personal laptop screen goes black every 3-4 minutes. Look for extended warranty papers, give up, call store to learn they have records of warranty. Go to my doctor for follow up on health program. Good news. It's working. Take computer to store for diagnostics and repair.

Thursday evening: G&T discovers nails in two of my tires. Drive G&T's car to meeting at church.
Friday morning: Take car to tire store for repair. Learn that computer must be shipped off for two weeks for repair.

In all that, I did not have a headache! See earlier post about healing service and yoga. It's working! I did have a mild headache this week in the let down, but still two headaches in 7 weeks is way better than twice a week early in the summer. Prayers of thankfulness ascending.

My mom was in town for business and went with us to the cardiologist. Her background in people and animal medical technology comes in handy in understanding medicalese and interpreting doctor reports...

manBoy feels fine. The doctor listened to my concerns especially since manBoy drives now and ordered an EEG. We had it done this week, but do not have results back.

Jake seems to feel fine and we plan on releasing him from his housebound status today or tomorrow.

Computer is home and working after only one week!

With the exception of Jake the dog, all the issues of last week were covered by insurance or warranty. Out of pocket expensese were a mere fraction of what they could have been.