Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Books & Good Day All Around

Today the UPS person brought me new books from Amazon. While this may cause groaning on the part of G&T when he sees the books and the bill, it brought smiles, energy, and enthusiasm to the rookie. These new books include a four volume set of Zondervan Illustrated Bible Background Commentary. These are cool books. They wouldn't pass muster as seminary texts, but they are just right for the average lay person wanting to know more about the language and culture referred to in the Bible. And.....they have pictures. And...the information is linked to and organized by scripture passage. It's not a dictionary where you look up the topic. It's background information for specific books and passages. This particular set covers the New Testament. I've been browsing through them. They will be helpful in sermon prep and especially with facilitating Disciple Bible Study next fall.

On another note, the new dryer is here. G&T will have to hook it up when he gets home as we didn't spring for new power cord or venting material and the installers aren't allowed to hook up with old ones. So in just a few hours I'm back in laundry business. You think I wouldn't be all that excited, but I like the feeling that comes with getting through all the mounds of dirty clothes and having three baskets of folded clean ones. I like the smell of clean clothes!

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