Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Five Vacation Style

Sally at RevGalBlogPals wrote this meme. "It is a holiday weekend here in the UK, and the weather forecast for much of the country is not good!!! But we can still dream and so with that in mind I bring you this Friday Five."

1. Getting ready for summer, do you use the gradual tanning moisturisers ( yes gentlemen you too can answer this!!!), or are you happy to show your winter skin to the world?
Well, I'm not happy about showing my pasty white pudge to the world, but I'm not going to let it stop me from doing what I want to do. I'll be in swimsuit this weekend, so watch the news for albino whale spottings. I never got the hang of tanning lotions - can't get them even.

2.Beach, mountains or chilling by the pool, what/ where is your favourite getaway?
Any of the above. I love the sound of the ocean, but really anything that is not city is good - better if there is water of some kind.

3.Are you a summer lover or does the long break become wearing?
Well back when I had a break for summer, I loved it. Since I was a teacher for lots of years, this will be my second summer ever working full time. Not nearly as much fun.

4.Active holidays; hiking swimming sailing, or lazy days?
Hmmm - depends on the activity. Not so much on those listed here, but there are other kinds of activities (wink). I love just hanging out with a good book. My family will only hang out for so long before we need to find something to do.

5.Now to the important subject of food, if you are abroad do you try the local cuisine, or do you prefer to play it safe?
I'm a chicken, not great at trying exotic foods.

No bonus this week unless you can think one up!!! Okay here's mine -
Due to a crummy vacation policy at G&T's work, we won't be taking an extended vacation this year. The two of us are however getting away alone this weekend. We are going to posh place and plan to do as little as possible. Does swimming to the swim up bar count as activity? Even if you just get fruit juice?


Sally said...

Great play- enjoy the pool and the sun :-)

DogBlogger said...

I'm loving the idea of the swim-up bar... might even get me into a swimsuit for that! (And half a bottle of sunscreen, too.)

Y'all have fun! ...Like you need to be told... ;-)

Mary Beth said...

GIRL! My DH introduced me to swim up bars. I think they are the height of luxury. Youall have fun!

God_Guurrlll said...

You're brave. I haven't worn a swimsuit since I got out of college.

I would love to go to a swim up bar, however I'd have to wear a swimsuit.

Great play!

hip2B said...

Have a drink of juice for us!

zorra said...

A swim up bar! Oh, how luxurious. Have a wonderful weekend--and if you see a catamaran, well, jump on!

Certified Healing Coach said...

Ooh, have a lovely weekend!

Congrats on wearing a swimsuit in spite of thinking of yourself a pudgy. I haven't worn one in years and can't imagine ever wearing one again.

RevDrKate said...

Hope you had fun! I played the meme of fives, thanks for tagging me.