Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Peace Removed

Weeping subsided. Headache improved. Now for a brief musing.

I was checking out the newbies at RevGalBlogPals and I found Reflections on the Bible talking about peace. I began thinking that God is working on me in a new way that is not at all peaceful, but is necessary. Here is the comment I posted over there.

A breath prayer is just a few syllables that can be uttered in just one breath. It begins with the way you are most comfortable addressing God and is followed with the thing you would ask Jesus for if he sat down facing you and asked, "What do you want?"

For years, off and on, my breath prayer has been, "Lord Jesus, fill me with your peace." This prayer has moved me through hard times and transitions. I have experienced that peace that passes understanding.

Now I sense that God is moving me away from peace for a reason. I need to see the reality of the pain in the world and not live peacefully in ignorance.

Lord Jesus, fill me with your strength, and compassion, and sense of justice, and oh so many more qualities. Amen.


mid-life rookie said...

By the way, breath prayers become even more helpful when you occasionally take the time to repeat them emphasizing a different word each time. LORD Jesus fill me with your peace. Lord JESUS fill me with your peace. Lord Jesus FILL me with your peace. Lord Jesus, fill ME with your peace. Lord Jesus, fill me with YOUR peace... Different emphasis can give different focus or meaning.

Jenny said...

Thanks for your posts and for visiting my blog! I am blessed to be included in such a neat web ring.

I appreciate your notes about not always being moved in peaceful ways. One sister told me that when God wants to do something new with you (or in your life) He makes you uncomfortable with where you're at. The word "uncomfortable" is sort of an understatement for most times! God is always at work.

God bless you! Great to meet you on the blogosphere.