Sunday, October 01, 2006

From a Proud Mom

Below is a poem written by manBoy for a class assignment. Deep thoughts from a young teenage boy. Written from a middle school perspective but true in the broadest sense.

Why Do We See the World the Way We Do

I do not understand
Why cats do not like water
Why people are always fighting
Why people must covet what others have

But most of all I do not understand
How there can me so much hate in the world we live in
I have seen people harassed for what they do
I have seen people teased for the way they look
And I have seen people harassed purely for who they are, not for any other reason

What I do understand most is science
It gives you knowledge about the world we live in
You can tweak chemicals and create completely new medicines
And if you really know your stuff, you can save lives.

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Anonymous said...

ManChild is "right on the money" - as usual. -kitcat