Monday, October 30, 2006

manBoy's Poem

manBoy was given a poetry assignment for Language Arts class. He was to write a poem commemorating an event in his life. He chose the day his birthmother relinquished him to us. Although he was only two days old and doesn't remember, he's seen the video of the placement ceremony we held in the hospital chapel many times. manBoy has continued contact with each of his birthparents and this has been a blessing for all involved. His teacher and I think he shows amazing understanding for a young teenage boy. Not that I'm bragging or anything. So without further ado:

Farewell For Now

A child brought into the world that day
But you, too young to let me stay,
So you decided to let me go
Hoping I would never go to and fro.

A day full of emotion
Everyone there had the same notion,
You gave me up in love
So that I could live life giving others that same love.

You so very young
Your life, just barely begun.
Anger, I have not
For on that day you were so distraught.

I do not remember that day
But your love is with me to stay
I call them father and mother,
But you will always be that special other.

Your dreams for me are being fulfilled
I’m living the life that you willed.
Raised in a home with love and care,
I do not want to leave here to go elsewhere.

I see you now and again
You love me still as you did then,
Continue to love me I know you shall
I leave you with that, farewell for now.


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revabi said...

good poem. Hope he got a good grade on it.

Anonymous said...

Manboy has deep thoughts for one so young. Oh, how beautfiul and how sensitive. It left me with tears in my eyes. KitCat

Anonymous said...

Wow. Please thank ManBoy for putting into words what I hope our son feels in 13 years! Blessings!G's Mommy