Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spiritual Junk Food

Last week, I had the opportunity to worship here. The scripture reading was the "Bread of Life" passage from John 6. Rather than hearing a sermon, we were asked to reflect on the passage on our own. Here's where my thoughts went:

Lately, I've been working with my doctor or healthier living habits. One of these includes switching foods that are high in nutritional value for those that are high in fat or are simply empty calories with little value for nourishing my body.

So, given this passage about what real nourishment is, I asked myself, "Self, what spiritual junk food have you been taking in of late?" Where have you been seeking nourishment or refreshment where there was none to be found? Good.question. Frantic prayers of distress (see previous post), rather than faith perhaps? They serve their purpose, but they are not the "protein" I crave or the "fiber" I need.

On the flip side, where have I found true spiritual nourishment of late? In the study I'm doing for sermon writing, ordination writing, and preparation for Leadership Incubator (more later). In the new friends and colleagues in ministry I met last week at the LI. In one particular new friend with whom I spent a lovely afternoon exchanging spiritual journey history and exploring our surroundings.

So my question to you which you may answer in the comments or just in your heart is: What kind of spiritual food have you been consuming lately? Junk or the stuff of high nutritional value?

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Mompriest said...

Like the poisoned apple, I am being offered a bite of something that looks like it should be delicious, except it's, well, toxic.

....that's probably a bit more than you anticipated...and I guess the answer is "I have to constantly eat the purest spiritual food I can - to build up stamina to resist taking the bite"...