Saturday, August 08, 2009

Coping, Dealing, Gratitude, and Healing

It's been an interesting two weeks - that's the best word I can come up with.

Last week, the one that began when it was still July, started off with a minor concern. manBoy had a bit of a sore throat. Here's how it went from there:

Tuesday morning: Trip to pediatrician for minor sore throat ends with manBoy having fainting spell or neurological event that scared the ...... out of his mother (me). Of course the doctor had just left the room and it was over by the time she took the 10 steps back in response to my cry for help.

Tuesday afternoon: As a result of morning event, make trip into big city for pediatric cardiology work up that showed manBoy's heart to be perfectly healthy.

Tuesday evening: Jake the dog is whimpering and welping in pain and we cannot find the source.
Wednesday morning: Take Jake the dog to the vet.

Wednesday morning continued: Take manBoy to podiatrist for foot concern that involves a certain amount of digging around in his heel.

Wednesday noon: Meet with residency group to discuss Ministry Project that is new, last minute requirement for ordination.

Wednesday afternoon: Take manBoy to dentist for small filling.

Wednesday afternoon: Jake the dog comes home from vet with pain meds and instruction for 2 weeks of limited mobility due to possible slipped disc in neck meaning he is for now an inside dog with much more maintenance.

Thursday morning: Jake the dog is already feeling better and is whining to get out much to my aggravation. It will be a long 2 weeks. Daily Guidepost devotional for the day - being irritated with the dog and how God loves us even when we are irritating. Thanks.a.bunch.

Thursday morning continued: Deliver manBoy to PSAT/SAT prep class as heel hurts too much to propel himself there on foot or bike. Run into the office to pick up work to do at home. Pick manBoy up from class.

Thursday afternoon: Attempt to work at home, only to discover personal laptop screen goes black every 3-4 minutes. Look for extended warranty papers, give up, call store to learn they have records of warranty. Go to my doctor for follow up on health program. Good news. It's working. Take computer to store for diagnostics and repair.

Thursday evening: G&T discovers nails in two of my tires. Drive G&T's car to meeting at church.
Friday morning: Take car to tire store for repair. Learn that computer must be shipped off for two weeks for repair.

In all that, I did not have a headache! See earlier post about healing service and yoga. It's working! I did have a mild headache this week in the let down, but still two headaches in 7 weeks is way better than twice a week early in the summer. Prayers of thankfulness ascending.

My mom was in town for business and went with us to the cardiologist. Her background in people and animal medical technology comes in handy in understanding medicalese and interpreting doctor reports...

manBoy feels fine. The doctor listened to my concerns especially since manBoy drives now and ordered an EEG. We had it done this week, but do not have results back.

Jake seems to feel fine and we plan on releasing him from his housebound status today or tomorrow.

Computer is home and working after only one week!

With the exception of Jake the dog, all the issues of last week were covered by insurance or warranty. Out of pocket expensese were a mere fraction of what they could have been.


Korean Cowgirl said...

My prayers for some stress-management relief and some time to breathe...and am glad to hear your headaches weren't too bad. Thank goodness for some holistic healing!

Mompriest said...

what a week. mirrors mine in some ways, kids, animals, husband, work...glad you are feeling better!