Monday, December 29, 2008

The Story of Jake the Dog or NOT.

Well that story will have to wait until another day. Just as I typed the title of an old story that would make a good blog entry, my sister called to say Mom took a tumble in a parking lot in another big city. No serious injuries, but hairline fractures and the end of New Years plans with her cousin at a spa resort. All relatively minor inconveniences but extremely frustrating for my mom. Sister who is hours closer than I am will take her daughter down and pick Mom up tomorrow, making orthopedic appointments as she drives. Prayers appreciated.

UPDATE: Good news - no surgery required. I spent a few days helping get Mom's house set up for her to be as independent as possible in the next few weeks. Current prayer - she sees the orthopedic doctor again on Monday. We are all praying she'll be able to get the short arm cast he mentioned at the last appt. It's amazing what a difference movement of one's elbow can make in one's life.


DogBlogger said...

Praying! Thanks for calling me with the heads-up.

Mary Beth said...

Oh MAN. I am so sorry. I sure do empathize.

zorra said...

Oh no! Keep us posted.