Friday, December 05, 2008

Everything I can blog in 10 minutes

Okay, it's been weeks and weeks since I blogged. I've had blog block, plus a busy schedule so this entry is everything I can get down in 10 minutes. Then I have to go back to doing stuff on my to do list. Limiting to 10 minutes seems to help the blog block.

Item #1 - It is done. This morning manBoy or should it be ManBoy obtained his driver's license and has driven himself solo to school. This won't happen often as he doesn't have his own car. He's got mine today. He'll be able to drive to school when I travel on business which is more and more often it seems.

Item #2 - I did a baptism (or most of it) last Sunday. I was scheduled to preach and lead worship at my home church. I was wrestling with my sermon on Saturday evening and had just typed "we know that we can expect the unexpected," when the phone rang. It was our pastor, letting me know that one of our members had called asking to move his grandson's baptism from another church to ours (long story). The whole family was in town including great grandfather who is a retired UM pastor and arrangements had fallen through at the other church. So, of course we had a baptism. Technically, I didn't baptize the baby, Great Grandpa did that part, but I did all the rest. I've done baptisms before, but always in the hospital, so not with a healthy baby that looks at you and grabs your cross chain, and is just utterly adorable.

Item #3 - I am coming to terms with God regarding my anger over my friend's death. She trusted God to take care of her and her husband and her almost 5 year old son, so I can too. I'm still grieving, but less mad.

Time's up.

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