Monday, June 02, 2008

Shopping Prayers I especially hate to shop for clothes. Twice in the last three months I found myself shopping for clothes I needed for particular events (one of them the BE). Up until recently I would have thought that praying for shopping might be just a little wrong. I've changed my mind. In both instances I prayed that I would find what I needed and only what I needed, that God would guide my judgment, and that I would maintain a good attitude. It really made a difference. Prayer, I firmly believe, changes the pray-er. It did me. I also believe that I received the guidance that has always been available to me but never used before. Both trips were successful in finding what I needed at pretty good prices. Both events that required new clothes made a difference in my outlook on life. So, I will continue to pray for my shopping trips - for God to help me be frugal and wise, and to look in the right places, and to stay positive especially with those poor clerks who have no idea how much

How do you feel about praying for shopping? Spiritual discipline or self indulgent?

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Connectional said...

I like shopping, I just never have the time or opportunity without taking boys along. And they truly hate shopping, esp. with Mom.