Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tomorrow is the Day! (Feedback Appreciated)

G&T starts his new job on Wednesday. He is excited and nervous. Please keep him in your prayers as you go throughout your day.

As for me, I will be preaching at my home church on March 25. It has been suggested that I might share some of the stories of healing I have seen at the hospital. A few of these healings have been physical. Others have been more along spiritual and emotional lines. I would probably use the story of Jesus healing the man on the mat by forgiving his sins for a scripture basis. Anyone have an opinion on this?

On another front, I had decided to give up panicking over money, future.... for my Lenten discipline. Then of course one of the main sources of panic has been resolved. So now I need a new discipline and Lent is almost a week gone. I think I'm going to pray about my work at the hospital more. I pray in my work all the time, but not as much about it. Any other suggestions?

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Sally said...

"I pray in my work all the time, but not as much about it."
I really like this resolve- I think it is connected to the worrying and letting go element that flows through all of your thoughts.
Peace and blessings