Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Good Things in My Life

After yesterday's rant, I'm thinking I need to focus on some of my blessings.

1. I turned in my ordination paperwork last week - one day before the Dec. 1 deadline! Now it's sit and wait time until interviews in late February.

2. manBoy has thus far managed his time and energy during a school year that is very academically demanding and continued to work 9 hours each week at his pharmacy job. Job may have to be dropped when track season starts.

3. Gifted and Talented is employed. This is a mixed blessing. His job has become increasingly demanding and the culture increasingly toxic. Please keep him in your prayers.

4. Several initiatives in my work are bearing fruit. We started a network for Adult Christian Educators since children and youth were getting great support, but there was a gap for folks working in Adult Ministries. So far the network has been well received and benenficial for those participating. Another committee that has been somewhat dormant for a while, has gained momentum and is thinking big!!!!

5. manBoy can get himself where he needs to be now because he's driving my old car and I'm driving one of these:


RevDrKate said...

Hearing the blessings (and the rant)...yes life IS a complex mix, isn't it? Giving thanks for one and sending prayers for both.

zorra said...

Woo hoo! for all of these. And I'm lifting up G&T. The Scientist and I have had many "thank You that we have jobs to get up and go to" morning prayers.

Mary Beth said...

Oooo, that's a NICE ride!!!

Wanted you to know that I just listened to the podcast of your Blue Christmas sermon. What a grand message, and what a special healing, to hear your voice.

I miss you, and love you. Merry Christmas!