Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Herding Wind

Last week I felt like I was herding ping pong balls - all bouncing in different directions. Well all the deadlines I was facing are met. Now, I have the whole month of July with no deadlines. Get this straight, I have lots and lots to work on, but none of it is actually due in July. I have a couple of meetings each week, but not much in the way of be in x place at x time in the schedule. I have before me a vast plain of unstructured time. Not good for this goal oriented person who spent 38 years having my life scheduled around classes and deadlines.

Now, I feel like I'm herding wind. The stuff to work on is out there, but it's nebulous - hard to get hold of. I've been told I need to make lists, set priorities, make a schedule and set my own deadlines. Yeah, I know that. I'm the queen of lists, priorities, schedules, and especially deadlines. It's just harder with such a long period left for me to structure.

God of eternity, guide the use of my time that it may glorify you. Let me busy, let me be idle as is your will. Amen.

P.S. On another note, according to my psych eval for ordination, my summaries "reveal no significant mental health or personality disorder issues that would prevent me from being an effective parish leader." Whew! That's a relief.


ElastiGirl said...

i decided it was a compliment when the psychiatrist declared that I was "plain vanilla" - woohoo!
i share your dilemma with unstructured time & have a lot at home right now, so my house is getting cleaned top to bottom this summer - smiting the dust!!!

mid-life rookie said...

Oh yes, Elastigirl. I'm very pleased (relieved)with the results which actually go on to say I am capable of parish leadership as well as not being nuts.

Korean Cowgirl said...

So how are you planning to survive not having such a structured time? Hopefully, you will find some blessings during this time. And congrats on being normal.

zorra said...

Re: your psych eval, I hope you weren't surprised!