Saturday, September 13, 2008

Family Hurricane Update

Sister who lives between Houston and Galveston directly in path of Ike -safe with her daughters in our hometown with our mother -out of the storm's path. Her husband sat out storm in basement of large corporation building in downtown Houston where he was required to be at work - they have power from some source. He has since been able to get back to their home. They have no structural damage to the home they are selling and only minor damage to the one they are buying. Power is out and limbs cover the ground, but they are quite relieved.

Dad & Wife - further north on I-45 in direct path of Ike - no power, but have generator. Power company recording says it may take weeks to restore power. One big tree down, didn't hit house, cars.... All safe.

Step Sister & family living south of Houma, LA- returned home from Gustav evacuation with all their worldly possessions on Thursday - all was well with house. On Friday, levees broken by Ike storm surge forcing sudden evacuation - She was at work and the police wouldn't let her get to her house. She only has the clothes she had on. They are at a hotel somewhere and cell phone service not working well. No report. This family made it through Katrina only to be flooded out in Rita. This whole Gustav - Ike thing is feeling too familiar.

Please continue your prayers.

Latest Good News: All are safe. Home south of Houma is fine. This new one was built 6 feet off the ground and didn't flood! Conroe and League City still with out power. Prayers for all those working to restore services and for all those who suffered much loss.

More Good News: Power back on in League City. Sister, girls, dog, and cat headed home.

Lord show us how we can be your servants in these circumstances. Amen.


DogBlogger said...

Glad *almost* everybody is okay. Yes, the Katrina/Rita, Gustav/Ike parallel with the Louisiana-based relatives is unnerving.

Songbird said...

I'm so sorry to hear they are affected again, that's too much.

Rev Honey said...

It is really difficult for those of us in the heartland to imagine what people there are experiencing. Thanks for helping me know how to pray for them. The people of Olivet are praying too.

zorra said...

I'm so sorry, and will keep praying for your Houma folks especially. Let us know when you get another update.

zorra said...

Thanks for the good update!