Saturday, November 04, 2006

On-Call Update

Last weekend: 13 hours overnight, 4 deaths, 6 Level I Truama calls. Very holy moments involving infant baptism in the delivery room. Physical and emotional exhaustion made worth it by knowing I made (or rather God used me to make) a difference in someone's life.

Last night: 8 hours, finished by 11 pm, no deaths, no Level I Traumas, no especially holy moments, no sense of having made a difference.


Edited after reflecting for evaluation:

I did make a difference Friday night. In one of my visits, I told jokes and funny stories to a woman who was down because she was missing her nephew's wedding. She didn't want to get into a deep emotional discussion, she just needed to be distracted for a bit from her situation.

Loving God, Thank you for the gift of humor, and for my ability to remember and tell jokes and stories. Please remind me that you can and will use all my gifts in ministry when I let you. Amen.


Anonymous said...

One of the greatests gifts I have received during my time with the youth group is that God works thru us to make a difference in someone's life even when I don't realize it. Your smile (God's light), your touch (God's hand), make a lot of special holy moments. Some are known by you. Some are known only by God and the person touched. KitCat

SpookyRach said...

...and humor is definitely a ministry.

Good for you!